You can find several interesting tools and options in the backoffice. Get the information about remarkable Kauri opportunities. Kauri backoffice, the exclusive stuff is here!

User staking details:

Unstake and withdraw unlocked tokens:

Check staked details for any user:

Current Network:

Staking contract address:

Token Contract address

Stake For User:

All staked tokens balance:

Show staking data:

All addresses that staked:

All addresses that withdrew:

All events per address:

Get more info:

Stay connected:

There’s a lot going on with Kauri these days. Everything constantly improves and new information is coming every moment.

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Big stuff:

There is also that kind of information nobody should ever miss. As new project or big exchange listing. We would be thrilled to notice you about it. Don’t worry, we know email (spam) marketing doesn’t work, we’ll contact you only when there is something worth emailing you.

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