Why is Kauri, British Asset and World's first cryptohotel?

August 29th 2019


It has all began at the start of 2017 with our first public introduction of British Asset concept. We’d got Avatar Eco Lodge hotel project, tons of determination and initial capital of only 5000 USD. Since then our team had to overcome many obstacles, to taken countless challenges, made our concept more efficient and most importantly to show our investors that they haven’t made any mistake by following our vision.

In total, we’ve obtained the trust of 450 unique investors and built an ecosystem of real estates in total value over 10 200 000 USD since our beginnings. Presently, we’re finishing the realization of second and reconstruction of the third projectboth of them are planned to be open in 2019.

British Asset model

In terms of our model, we’ve always been emphasizing the shared economy principles. Investors crowd-fund the hotel, it is then built and investors get (in addition to 8%+ profit a year) free week of accommodation on the hotel. Whoever enters the BA ecosystem is not only passive money-donor but can actively use hotel’s services, participate in decision-making through voting and contribute with ideas or other incentives to help with the development of the hotel. So, cooperation is the main component of this unique constantly evolving and developing the ecosystem, which opens its gates to everybody. That’s why many of our clients have started their path as an investor with our projects.

Crypto and us

As our model is built on crowd-funding and shared economy, we’re also open-minded towards other technologies their integration within our model makes deeper sense. One of them is for sure cryptocurrencies. It has never been secret, that we’ve always accepted bitcoin or ethereum as a payment method for our services, but not so many people know we’ve integrated bitcoin fully. So investors can also get their dividends through cryptocurrencies and more…

We’ve of course been seeing plenty more advantages in cryptocurrencies (other than just paying with them). The most interesting for us is the often forgotten ‘trustless’ concept. Which can reduce the need for everybody to trust our model (because they don’t have to). Just the concept of crowd-funding is a perfect example of great blockchain use case. Thanks to that we can get rid of somehow trustworthy intermediary, which after the campaign correctly resend all resources. And that’s not all. Guaranteed dividends can really be guaranteed, ownership rights can not be faked or withhold, etc. So, because we think it would be unwise to not integrate all of it to our model. We’re already working more than a year on our own ERC20 token Kauri.

Project Kauri

Make no mistake, Kauri is not regular crypto-tech startup we’re used to these days. We’re entering this great industry with quite a different approach. Kauri is literally token to the machine of the shared economy called British Asset. Unlike other ICO, project Kauri has been always meant to be an extension to the already working ecosystem. There’re a lot of Pros for us to make this ICO happen, alongside already mentioned reasons. By collecting enough resources we’re going to be able to streamline development of the whole BA ecosystem through more efficient resource-management and logistics. If you read Kauri Roadmap and OnePager, you’ll get a good perspective about the whole project’s strategy, but if we would try to simplify it even more, it would be like this:


Project preparations


World's first cryptohotel


Kauri investment platform

Whole British Asset is going ahead to phase 2, the whole project is going next level. To be trustworthy even trustless, to have globally more available and transparent financing, complex money-management therefore to have a fast-growing ecosystem, that’s the project Kauri. The preparations are almost over and starting the second year we’re going to contribute to cryptocurrency industry by one small world’s first, so there’s a lot to be excited about.

World’s first Cryptohotel

In 2017 we’d been starting our pioneering project Avatar Eco Lodge, 2020 presents quite a similar challenge. Our closest project is nothing less than an ambitious world’s first hotel accepting payments only in cryptocurrenciesFinancing and fund-raising will happen solely through Kauri token with exclusive rights for ICO investors. Payments for services will be paid also through other cryptocurrencies such as starting with bitcoin.

So, World’s first Cryptohotel as our next step towards cryptocurrency integration into a common world and economics precisely reflects the whole project Kauri vision. There’ve been few trying to realize such thing like Cryptohotel, but it looks like we’re the first ones with real experiences and know-how to do so. It’s quite a challenge, so please stay with us so we can move the whole cryptocurrency industry one step further to mass adoption, together.

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Kauri project is next level of British Asset’s shared economy concept. Utility token Kauri will become an unique investment tool of whole ecosystem. By integrating advantages of cryptocurrencies withshared economy we’re making leverage for small investors. Therefore, they are able to use variety of multiple options, which were in the past available only for “whales”.

You can invest to the project of world’s first cryptohotel in early phases. First projects will lead to establishing diverse (crypto-friendly) investment ecosystem in which the budget is not the limitation for ideas and visions.

Kauri project oficially started in January 2019 and its ICO phase ends in December 2019In 2020 we’re planning fundraising and early-realization of the world’s first cryptohotel (accepting only cryptocurrencies). Starting by 2021 we’re implementing Kauri investment platform to our ecosystem. Those are first steps of our plan which intends to support British Asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem. For more information about our plan check the roadmap.

British Asset

British Asset International is a startup company, which introduced its unique model of shared investments. British Asset Group primarily focus on fund raising and realization of luxury hotels in attractive destinations. We’ve assembled more than 450 investors and build properties in total value around 10 200 000 USD and already payed first dividends in worth more than 8% of initial investments to our investors.

  • Assembled more than 450 unique investors.
  • Properties in total value over 10 million USD.
  • Already fully operating hotel Avatar Eco Lodge.
  • 2 more projects in realization.
Kauri and World’s first cryptohotel
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