The bounty is juicy! 5000$ in first weeks, then 60,000$ as well

October 5th 2019

It is finally here. Long months of preparations have finally passed and we‘re close to the crucial moment of Kauri project‘s phase one. We‘ve already prepared almost everything, so now is time for you… our community to lend a hand. Kauri has (from the begging) been the cryptocurrency of shared-economy, which means, everybody is able to celebrate our results and enjoy fruits of our success.

However, it is not only about the celebrations. Anyone, who wants to achieve something in this industry, should work really hard and persistent. It‘s literally been thousands of hours of work, we’ve already undertaken. But the most difficult challenge is still right before us. We‘re going public, amidst people, to the exchanges, the real challenge is just around the corner. We‘ll see on its end if we‘ll fail and have to find other ways of the project or we succeed and our community as well.

First round was the 10 Kauri free reward for everybody joining our community. This bonus continues and in addition to it, we add the next level. We‘re going to massively spread across the world and because facebook and google still bans the cryptocurrency propagation, we‘ll need your help. That‘s why we start this exclusive bounty program. We‘ve reserved up to 500,000 Kauri for it.

How do I join the bounty?

The best way to join bounty is through official thread on bitcointalk: Where you can get all the information and also communicate with other bounty participants. You can also find bounty summary in form of PDF file. You could of course directly register on our website and start immediately. Thorough, don‘t forget, the main condition to participate in this program, is that you join our community and get 10 Kauri free for it, if you don‘t have them yet, go get them.

Fast start bonus

We appreciate every help and support, that‘s why we created special motivation in the form of Fast start bonus. Everybody who brings 10 new members to the Kauri community (they also get free 10 Kauri) until 31st October, gets 30 Kauri bonus (in addition to actual 20Kauri), as acknowledgment for the contribution to the whole project. There‘s also the draw with pool up to 3500 Kauri extra (with value over 5000$) and that‘s a quite good acknowledgment, isn’t it?

Participate the bounty and bring 10 people to the community:

  • Get extra 50 Kauri immediately
  • Win 2000/1000/500 Kauri after

Every bounty participant can also win 40,000 Kauri (worth 60,000$), but that‘s another story…

As you can see, we‘ve got a lot of work before us. Thank you very much for keeping with us, you‘ll be rewarded for it! We‘re looking forward to our cooperation.

Your Kauri team

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Kauri project is next level of British Asset’s shared economy concept. Utility token Kauri will become an unique investment tool of whole ecosystem. By integrating advantages of cryptocurrencies withshared economy we’re making leverage for small investors. Therefore, they are able to use variety of multiple options, which were in the past available only for “whales”.

You can invest to the project of world’s first cryptohotel in early phases. First projects will lead to establishing diverse (crypto-friendly) investment ecosystem in which the budget is not the limitation for ideas and visions.

Kauri project oficially started in January 2019 and its ICO phase ends in December 2019In 2020 we’re planning fundraising and early-realization of the world’s first cryptohotel (accepting only cryptocurrencies). Starting by 2021 we’re implementing Kauri investment platform to our ecosystem. Those are first steps of our plan which intends to support British Asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem. For more information about our plan check the roadmap.

British Asset

British Asset International is a startup company, which introduced its unique model of shared investments. British Asset Group primarily focus on fund raising and realization of luxury hotels in attractive destinations. We’ve assembled more than 450 investors and build properties in total value around 10 200 000 USD and already payed first dividends in worth more than 8% of initial investments to our investors.

  • Assembled more than 450 unique investors.
  • Properties in total value over 10 million USD.
  • Already fully operating hotel Avatar Eco Lodge.
  • 2 more projects in realization.
Our bounty is juicy! 5000$ in first weeks, then 60,000$ as well.
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