You can find several interesting tools and options in the backoffice. You can enroll yourself to the bounty program to promote our project and get Kauri as reward. Watch tutorials to precisely handle your wallet settings to get your purchased Kauri. Get the information about other remarkable opportunities. This is Kauri backoffice, the exclusive stuff is here!


When we‘re sending you Kauri, we‘re trying to contact you through your email address and inform you about it. If you haven‘t received such email and checked spams, it is most likely that we haven‘t sent them to you yet. It is also possible we‘ve already sent them and you have to set up them. In this case we‘ve got the video-tutorial to help you with that:

It is NOT possible to send Kauri to your bitcoin wallet. We can send them to any ethereum wallet (always starting with “0“). Please, check if your wallet is supporting ERC20 tokens, otherwise, it is possible you won‘t be able to manage Kauri there.

You‘ll need a small amount of Ethereum to pay a transaction fee for Kauri to be send-off. The average amount of fee is in dollar cents. Then just use interface of your wallet properly and everything should be fine.

Yes, you can! We have whole Bounty program with the whole bunch of Kauri prepared for this occasion. You can share Kauri on your Telegram, Twitter, Youtube or get your referral link to directly recommend Kauri to somebody. More information in Bounty program.

We‘ve reserved the whole budget of 500,000 Kauri for social media promotion in ICO phase of our project. If you join this our Bounty program, you can promote us on Twitter, Telegram, Youtube or Facebook and get the share of this 500,000 Kauri. More information in the Bounty program.

If you‘re reading this, you‘ve probably already picked up your free Kauri bonus [Get free Kauri]. However, there‘re other options on how to get Kauri. First is sharing. You can get up to 2 Kauri for every person which picked up his/her free Kauri bonus, you can also participate in our Bounty program and share Kauri on social media or directly to your acquaintances through the referral link.

Another interesting option is Staking using smart-contract to freeze your Kauri for some time and get more shells every month. The easiest way has been investing. There‘s up to +50% bonus Kauri during ICO phase (until 12.12.2019). I want more Kauri!

Kauri Freezing (Staking) will be possible since 2019. In the same time will start the 6-month period of Early adopter‘s bonus, which offers up to 12,5% bonus Kauri.

In Staking you have to freeze at least 500 Kauri to get the bonuses, early adopter‘s bonus has no such limit. You can freeze 20,50 or 100 Kauri and still get the bonus.

World‘s first cryptohotel‘s campaign will start in Q2 2020. Although, you can get some information now. It‘ll be possible to buy cryptohotel‘s shares only through Kauri for the fixed amount in Kauri (regardless the rate with bitcoin or dollar). More information in Cryptohotel section.

This option will be available for you in 2021.

Although the platform will be officially launched in 2021, there‘re already people interested in this opportunity. If you want to know more about those options with Kauri investment platform. Please contact us through the form.

Although, the Kauri is primarily meant to be the investment (not micro-transactional) tool. We‘re also trying to be as open-minded about it as we can because Kauri is free medium. So, if you want to integrate Kauri to your business, not only we won‘t restrain you, we‘ll also happy to help you with that. Please contact us through the form.


Kauri project is next level of British Asset’s shared economy concept. Utility token Kauri will become an unique investment tool of whole ecosystem. By integrating advantages of cryptocurrencies withshared economy we’re making leverage for small investors. Therefore, they are able to use variety of multiple options, which were in the past available only for “whales”.

You can invest to the project of world’s first cryptohotel in early phases. First projects will lead to establishing diverse (crypto-friendly) investment ecosystem in which the budget is not the limitation for ideas and visions.

Kauri project oficially started in January 2019 and its ICO phase ends in December 2019In 2020 we’re planning fundraising and early-realization of the world’s first cryptohotel (accepting only cryptocurrencies). Starting by 2021, new projects will be implemented to our ecosystem through Kauri investment platform. Those are first steps of our plan which intends to support British Asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem. For more information about our plan check the roadmap.

British Asset

British Asset International is a startup company, which introduced its unique model of shared investments. British Asset Group primarily focus on fund raising and realization of luxury hotels in attractive destinations. We’ve assembled more than 450 investors and build properties in total value around 10 200 000 USD and already payed first dividends in worth more than 8% of initial investments to our investors.

  • Assembled more than 450 unique investors.
  • Properties in total value over 10 million USD.
  • Already fully operating hotel Avatar Eco Lodge.
  • 2 more projects in realization.
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