Enjoy the “real” world with Kauri

Don't spend them, you just keep them!

Connecting the “real” world with crypto

The economy (ERC20 token) of Kauri is directly linked to real assets from the “real” world. You can use them (thanks to Kauri) from both positions: as user as well as investor.

Based on “real world” assets

We operate a number of retail properties, development projects and other enterprises that are always tied (directly or indirectly) to the Kauri ecosystem.

Avatar Private Reserve

An extensive complex of luxury villas and jungle tents, including 20 hectares of primary rainforest. Used for luxury retreat stays.

La PreciOsa Hotel

Boutique hotel on the virgin beach of La PreciOsa in Costa Rica.


Private yacht See Ray designed for shorter cruises and adventures along the Pacific Ocean.

Snowbird villas

Villas in Central America for rent or directly for users of the Kauri ecosystem.

Etc., etc...

High-class apartments in Gran Canaria, in the Alps mountains in Austria and other development projects in Central America.

Kauri Cryptocurrency

Kauri allows you to leverage projects within our ecosystem. As a user, you benefit from exclusive services or products. Consequently, you will benefit from them (within individual projects) as an investor.



gains the access to services and products (e.g. accommodation in real estates) in exchange for activities that benefit the ecosystem (providing their cryptocurrencies on the UniSwap exchange or freezing Kauri)



invests his Kauri in a project, which consequently generates added value for him. The advantage of the whole concept consists in the fact that he can withdraw his Kauri any time (e.g., if the project does not suit him).

Kauri Ecosystem Strategy

1) Implementation

Realizace 100%

The goal of the implementation has been to build the basic infrastructure of the Kauri token. I.e., establishing the documentation, ICO and IEO and initial exchange listing.

2) Tokenization

Tokenizace 100%
The success of any cryptocurrency depends on its use. With Kauri, this use is generated by a multitude of projects>, within which you use your Kauri to get some sort of reward. Individual projects differ from each other, but what they have in common is that you always get something extra.

3) Utilisation

Utilizace 75%
The goal of utilisation is to create working products and services. This mainly involves building a network of active partners and strengthening the user base.

4) Growth

After successfully completing the first 3 “building” phases, the foundations of the Kauri ecosystem are in place. This is followed by work on the further development of existing products and the implementation of new concepts. All with the goal of long-term, sustainable growth.

Utility of Kauri

Úspěch každé kryptoměny se odvíjí od jejího využití. U Kauri toto využití vytváří množství projektů, v rámci kterých své Kauri využíváte k tomu, abyste dostali nějakou odměnu. Jednotlivé projekty se od sebe liší, společné mají to, že vždy dostaneš něco navíc.

Freeze and multiply

You can freeze Kauri within the so-called Staking Program. For this, you will be paid extra bonus Kauri on a regular basis (every month). Such an appreciation can reach over 12% per year.

Hold and enjoy

Every Kauri user can use a number of bonuses from the Rewards Bundle (ranging from free books or education to a yacht cruise or accommodation in Costa Rica). These rewards can be earned for locking Kauri (BankKau) or providing Kauri on the UniSwap exchange (Adventure Farm).

Invest without paying

Within the funds, you can freeze Kauri into a project's campaign and receive revenue shares (of that project) in exchange. If the project does not suit you, you can exchange your deposit back at any time.

Other supporting projects

Within the Kauri ecosystem, we also work with other concepts that support further development of products, services or the community.


Here, major investors consult, discuss, propose and approve new projects (or changes to existing ones). Any active Kauri user, who supports the project in any way can become a senator.

Partnership program

Partners can offer their services to hundreds of Kauri investors and benefit from the rewards of the Program. Kauri users, on the other hand, enjoy these services as part of the Rewards Bundle for holding or providing Kauri.