It is happening... the World's first Cryptohotel soon!

September 17th 2019

There‘s extremely important news for you: it is for sure now, that the world‘s first Cryptohotel will happen! Kauri‘s generated such interest we‘re already able to confirm it. Cryptohotel project will be realized and working…

Since the beginning of British Asset, the goal was to create investment opportunities, that‘ll steadily make nice money to us and our investors. For all of us to grow and be the part of something bigger together. For us and the investors to play the same game like “the whales“, with millions of dollars, do for centuries. Some time ago, the internet brought unseen opportunities to the world. Now there‘s happening the exact same thing in the finances, thanks to the cryptocurrencies. There‘s finally the technology to connect many people with the same interest. So, your account doesn‘t have to be filled with millions of dollars for you to own a bank, hotel, medical clinic or tech company.

We‘ve already been realizing crowd-investment projects (mostly retail real-estates) for third year and everything is going so well. Initial project Avatar Eco Lodge in the Costarican rainforest is successfully working for more than a year with extremely good rating over 9/10, generating solid incomes. La PreciOsa, a similar project only situated on pristine pacific beach, will be officially opened in November, followed by Pura Medica clinic opening. All those projects were funded by ordinary people believing in the same cause, earning at least 8% a year in interest.

  • Over 450 people (investors) have been participating in our projects.
  • 10,200,000 USD is the value of retail real estates we‘ve built in the last 2,5 years.
  • 3 projects will be officially opened by the end of 2019.
  • 4th project‘ll be introduced at the beginning of 2020 and will be full-crypto.

Avatar Eco Lodge

Indigenous tribe and cooperation

One of many Boruca totems on Avatar Eco Lodge

We‘ve established very positive relationship with the Costarican indigenous Boruca tribe . Borucas had been in possession of the reservation, which offers many interesting places and experiences for tourists. This wonderful reservation is so spacious, tourist would have to spend days here to enjoy it all properly. Unfortunately, it‘s been really hard for them, because there just is not any accommodation facility in reachable distance. So, they‘re choosing rushed one-day trips instead.

We and Borucas together have created a great solution to this problem. We‘ll build another of our Eco-boutique hotels in there, for tourist to get the option to spend more time in the reservation and also supporting indigenous people by boosting tourism as well. Also, the hotel will be the first of many cryptohotels accepting only Kauri or bitcoins for the services in the hotel.

The Cryptohotel details

The hotel campaign will start at the furthest in Q2 2020 (most likely sooner). You would be able to buy the shares only in Kauri, the price has been set to fixed 10,000 Kauri for the share, regardless of the exchange rate with dollar or bitcoin (which is for sure exciting fact for the majority of Kauri investors).The bonuses like a week of accommodation in the hotel for free every year remain as well and thanks to the nature of the project, we‘ve been able to raise the guaranteed level of interest to at least 10% a year for every share. For sure, Kauri is NOT one of hundred tokens you‘re used to from cryptocurrency exchanges. Kauri has already got real usability not regarding speculative results on exchanges, which will probably only grow in the future.

There‘s a lot to be excited about in the next months. It‘s going to be really interesting!

If you want more information about cryptohotel, please fill in the form to be first to get all the important information first!


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Kauri project is next level of British Asset’s shared economy concept. Utility token Kauri will become an unique investment tool of whole ecosystem. By integrating advantages of cryptocurrencies withshared economy we’re making leverage for small investors. Therefore, they are able to use variety of multiple options, which were in the past available only for “whales”.

You can invest to the project of world’s first cryptohotel in early phases. First projects will lead to establishing diverse (crypto-friendly) investment ecosystem in which the budget is not the limitation for ideas and visions.

Kauri project oficially started in January 2019 and its ICO phase ends in December 2019In 2020 we’re planning fundraising and early-realization of the world’s first cryptohotel (accepting only cryptocurrencies). Starting by 2021 we’re implementing Kauri investment platform to our ecosystem. Those are first steps of our plan which intends to support British Asset and cryptocurrency ecosystem. For more information about our plan check the roadmap.

British Asset

British Asset International is a startup company, which introduced its unique model of shared investments. British Asset Group primarily focus on fund raising and realization of luxury hotels in attractive destinations. We’ve assembled more than 450 investors and build properties in total value around 10 200 000 USD and already payed first dividends in worth more than 8% of initial investments to our investors.

  • Assembled more than 450 unique investors.
  • Properties in total value over 10 million USD.
  • Already fully operating hotel Avatar Eco Lodge.
  • 2 more projects in realization.
It is happening… The world‘s first Cryptohotel really soon!
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