The opportunities for small investors to participate in the „big game“ are there (c’mon, we’re in crypto). So, it’s finally possible to create something that improves this amazing field and make some money in the process . That’s the beauty of sharing-economy, internet and blockchain combinedWelcome to the (r)Evolution!



The opportunities for small investors to participate in the „big game“ are there (c’mon, we’re in crypto). So, it’s finally possible to create something that improves this amazing field and make some money in the process . That’s the beauty of sharing-economy, internet and blockchain combinedWelcome to the (r)Evolution!

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First Kauri crypto AMA is here! Our COO Jan Masnica is answer your questions.

Jan has been the head of development team, manage the preparations of Staking platform and world’s first Cryptohotel, negotiates with exchanges, partners and is in preparation for new crypto-related projects.

So if somebody knows the important answers, it is him. Enjoy the reading:

Hello everybody, it’s Jan Masnica here, the COO and head of crypto-related parts of the Kauri project. Those few months were crazy for me and the whole team. The project goes well even though the market situation is not ideal, so there is a pretty positive mood in the team right. But I’m looking forward to answer your questions, so let’s not waste time and let’s this already. 🙂

  • Q: Is there a big resolution of KAURI in the current weak market situation? Is there a special wallet from KAURI, can you use the KAURI system in the future as a payment instrument?

Jan: The current situation in the whole world affected us as well, but we also have solid business model and had quite successful years 2018, 2019. So, the cryptohotel campaign had to be postponed, but otherwise, everything goes as planned

  • Q: Why do you name this project KAURI, is there any meaning or abbreviation for itself?

Jan: Kauri seashells were the oldest medium of exchange, one of the first currencies with the longest tradition. We’ve just used such strong symbol to point out the fact, that even conservative investments with tradition (such are real estates) could be progressive when used with fresh business models.

  • Q: What is the purpose of the project? Does the project have any associated fields or businesses that can generate funds to maintain and develop the project?

Jan: Thank you for this question. The main purpose of Kauri project is to develop businesses that also in one way or other support cryptocurrency industry. In other words, we are building a crypto-friendly ecosystem. That also answers your second question, because those businesses should be able to work on their own, which means to generate profits for further development.

  • Q: What is the primary use case of KAU token in the Kauri Ecosystem? And how it will be helpful for long term investors?

Jan: That’s pretty common question. People usually think the main use case of KAU token would be medium of exchange in our hotels, but if we would want to use cryptocurrencies as payment option, we could just accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. (which we already do). There is much bigger idea behind it. KAU token should primarily be the investment tool in our progressive and fast-growing ecosystem. As we exponentially grow throughout the years, more people want to join us. KAU is now the only way to do it. The idea is simple:

You can invest in one of our projects or startups on the platform and get a share of profits there, but also as the whole ecosystem grows you get rewarded for that too. That’s the leverage we create for all of us to profit twice.

  • Q: What is the main focus and mission of the KAURI team in 2020 is there a target from the KAURI team itself?

Jan: Plan for 2020 is simple. We want to prepare everything around the world’s first cryptohotel, manage all the details with the launch of Kauri investment platform and also finish preparations of all minor things so we could only focus on big things in 2021. We would also like to see the exchange rate above 3$/KAU.

  • Q: You plan to build 10 hotels around 40 companies until 2025, what’s the next goal after 2025?

Jan: Yes, the goal is actually pretty high and there is a lot to be done, but 10 projects (not only hotels) and 40 startups are the general idea. Regarding the goals after 2025, we would like to have some room for fresh ideas there. Sure Kauri will continue with the vision and development of interesting and profitable projects, but what exactly that would be? We don’t know, 5 years is pretty long time to predict that now.

  • Q: Are there specifications on where the Crypto hotel will be?

Jan: Yes, the world’s first cryptohotel will be (and already is) built-in Costarica (peninsula Osa). We already own the building, but have to do some arrangements before we can open it for public.

  • Q: When will see KAU on top Exchanges like binance, huobi & kucoin?

Jan: That is for sure our intention to be on one of those, but there’s work to be done before it would be possible, so patience should be the key here.

  • Q: Which market does Kauri focus on?

Jan: We are focusing on small investors and users (“retail”) and currently don’t have any plans with institutional ones. Also our strong focus is on spanish/russian speaking countries.

  • Q: Is there any buyback and burned plan for Kauri token? If yes, when will it start executing?

Jan: I’m not sure if it is what you were looking for, but all holders of tokenized shares of any hotel could use the buyback option with their share since 5 years after the issuance.

  • Q: Why Kauri Focuses Only on the Role of Investors and not on Participants Role and One of the most striking is when the Airdrop Reward Distribution is Where Some Participants Don’t Get Reward from Their Business. In my opinion, investors are not the most important, but the community is the one who determines the success of a project and that depends on how strong the participants support.

Jan: I get the point and agree that investors are not the only important part of the ecosystem. What I slightly disagree with is the participant part. The most important part are users. If the participant gets its reward because he/she likes the project and want to use our products, hold our tokens and is interested in our project (although he/she is the user), perfect, we appreciate it

Support of our users is extremely important for us, I agree. The other participants? Most of them just dump the price, they saw free money, got free money and don’t care about the project at all. We don’t need such “support”. That’s why we were such strict during airdrop. We so the extremely high amount of scammers wanted to get ton of tokens for free. So we’ve established more than 15 metrics for us to eliminate such scam attempts. If somebody tried to got reward multiple times, he/she probably got nothing, that is how it is. We are sorry if you played fair and didn’t receive your free tokens, but if you will follow us in the future, there will still be many chances to get rewarded for your support.

  • Q: Is there a special wallet from KAURI?

Jan: There is none special wallet from our team, the whole ecosystem runs on ethereum blockchain and there is enough good wallets you can use out there (MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc.)

  • Q: Is there any staking or hold system for us to make a profit?

Jan: Sure, we are just finishing the staking system. You’ll be able to join in April 2020 until 2025. The minimum amount required for bonuses has currently been set to 500 KAU. What I’m proud of is total amount of rewards in our staking program we’ve managed to set. Therefore the users could profit significantly without negative impact to value on market.

  • Q: How has the staking process gone so far? Good results thus far? And any plans to expand its purpose?

Jan: Staking goes pretty solid now. We are finishing the last tests of the web application, don’t want to underestimate anything since the process of such smart-contracts is irreversible.

  • Q: What is so special about Kauri compared to other projects?

Jan: The is no way how to compare us with other cryptocurrency projects. We have strong business history, dedicated investor base, are constantly building on our big successes. Also, we are picking working parts of cryptocurrencies and link them together with already working models from our field, that is a totally different approach. We are building infrastructure from already working cryptocurrency tools, unlike other companies in the field, that are mostly tech-based and just presents their vision.

 So, that looks like everything for today. I really enjoyed all those questions, we should do it more often. Thank you for your questions, we should do this again soon. Thank you a see you later.

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